Masks are an important part of my research. There is a duality between the face and the mask. Today we can construct, reconstruct or morph our bodies and faces. In the current visual culture, we are confronted with an immense output of faces including our own. We continuously present our own faces; on the web, on smartphones or on apps such as: ageing booth, facetune, snapchat or instagram.

The oversharing people present online is both fascinating and alarming. Because these are not masks but real faces. All the selfies, the celebrities, the reality tv shows they all tell us one thing: the grotesque is a modern category aligned with the modern way of thinking. It changes our view of ourselves and others. Do we have to fit into this box of perfection?
Have we lost control of our faces and our own identities?
The mask represents the presence and absence of the human being. The link between mask and identity must be persona. You are creating a persona.
A mask is a fake face hiding the real one in order to disguise oneself - it transforms a person’s appearance. Other appearance alterings could be make-up, tattoos, jewellery or  cosmetic surgery. We adapt to society’s demands. A mask is linked with the identity of the person but also the identity of the society…

My masks represents human faces or distortion of the body. Are we

still human?  Are we becoming something else?